Organising Files into Folders in Filemaker

Even though Filemaker is great at storing files into your solutions, sometimes just storing them without organising might become a mess in many ways. What if there are files related to each other on type, origin or purpose?

This demo file attached shows you a simple way you can implement in any database where you can create folder records which can show files inside only if you open them.

How file works:

  • You can enter a file or you can create a new folder while providing the name of the folder in the process.
  • When you open the folder you can enter files inside folder and then get out. You can replace files inside folders after they are stored inside.
  • File and folder have modification information and creation too, accompanied with the size of them. Folder shows the size of all files inside.

But beside that inside the demo you will find the option to export a file or a folder. When exporting a folder a new folder on mac/windows is created and files inside that folder on Filemaker are place inside the new folder.

  • You can use script debugger to see how folder is created using Perform Applescript on Mac and Send Event on Windows.

Download the zip file and if you have any suggestions to improve this simple solution.

Create_Export Folders.fmp12 – Download