Koni is a full-service Marketing company.

Great ideas have the power to affect the way people think, and the way they act. So if you’re ready for bold and fearless creative, we’re ready to deliver.

Today, brands are built around storytelling. But going from a good story to an unforgettable story is hard. So how do we do it? By uncovering tangible category, consumer and brand level insights, and combining them with cultural insights. This lets us identify and capitalize on white-space opportunities that drive business results for our clients.

Koni Solutions analyzes and optimizes campaigns at the speed of digital, ensuring your hard working dollars work even harder. We target audiences where and when they are most likely to be open to brand messages in order to maximize impact and ROI.

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“We grew 87% last year. The year before that I grew 60%. Those are real numbers. I couldn’t have grown 87% without Quilders.”

"We’re able to measure growth projections and know exactly where we're at and stay up to date. "

“We’ve seen an improvement in efficiency within every department of our company. We’ve been able to take more steps toward being paperless using Koni Solutions Marketing Strategy.”