Koni Solutions

The idea of Koni solutions dates back in 2016. I had really prayed for this tech startup, as I already had this forged bond with technology. I also claimed it to be a global business. Only one year after my prayers were answered when I met my nowadays partners, KONI HOLDING GROUP. The rest is history; we have gone beyond creating only custom solutions for ourselves. 

We are here for you and everything your business needs by giving life to your projects. During this journey, Koni Solutions discovered the power of Filemaker platform. Since then we have been working intensively on creating custom solutions for large organizations or small business with Filemaker Pro, Filemaker Go, Filemaker Server.

We build each solution tailored for your company specific needs and involve you in every step of the development process. Don’t worry, for every big or small problem you face everyday, we will simplify the processes so your business can run smoothly.

You are our top priority.

Lolita Ndoci, CEO

Why choose us

See some a few reasons why to choose Koni Solutions service for your FileMaker Development, web development and marketing needs.